Announcing the Fourth Lion, Stéphanie Fleury from CNN Brazil

Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep…

As part of the Vendor Innovators 2022, ROCCO will introduce with the Genesis event new innovation showcase sessions where companies can present ideas /products or solutions. An important part of this is the Lion’s Den.

Lion’s Den

A Vendor pitches an innovative idea / product / solution which could help the Roaming, Messaging and Interconnect industry to generate revenues or save costs, become more efficient or offer more quality solutions to end subscribers. They will present to a panel of Lions who give live feedback to them in-front of the Genesis audience.

Stéphanie Fleury

ROCCO is pleased to announce the fourth lion. With entrepreneurial vocation, Stéphanie was CEO and founder of the digital account DinDin, which was incorporated by Bitz/Bradesco in 2020, becoming the first woman to sell a startup to a bank in Latin America. After DinDin’s exit she became Chief Sales Officer for Bitz and is now a TV host for CNN Brazil. Stephanie had extensive experience in the telecom market, where she worked at TIM, Oi, Cisco Jasper in Silicon Valley (California) and at Digicel Group (Kingston, Jamaica) and used to contribute to the GSM Association, but in the Fintech world, she was an outsider. She is also a Business Advisor for Sony Pictures Entertainment, for the reality show Shark Tank Brazil and was the first woman to assume the position of director of the Brazilian Fintech Association (ABFintechs).

As a Lion, Stéphanie is interested in digital services. Regarding products, she is interested in digitally native vertical brands (DNVB)s. Often unwilling to commit to a solution, she’s looking for a strong understanding of the customer journey.

*(DNVB) is born online, selling and shipping its own product. This means it isn’t just e-commerce: it’s v-commerce, self-managing the end-to-end distribution.

Listen to the below interview with Stéphanie to get to know more about her career path and her wisdom about Fintech, women in tech and her methodology on doing business in the digital age.

How Lion’s Den works

  • Companies/ Individuals pitch their idea to the Lions, showing with a maximum of 5 slides the full solution, its name, cost, uses, time to market, etc
  • The Lions will listen with an open mind to each idea which is being pitched to them.
  • The Lions will ask direct questions, debate among themselves the pros and cons of the idea and whether they like the idea.
  • They will give honest feedback/constructive criticism stating why they approve or disapprove of the business idea/solution and provide a final opinion.
  • Lions are intimidating, not always nice, you don’t know how they will react, but they will ultimately provide good advice

The Lions (all people from MNOs) will rate their innovations: 25% of the overall score in the Vendor Innovators 2022 Report. Then the audience at Genesis will also have a change to rate the idea: 25% of the overall score.

Find out more about the Vendor Innovators here.