ROCCO IOO Judges Day

The voting phase of ROCCO IOO 2022 is over, but ROCCO IOO goes beyond the votes. Now, an important phase of gathering insights begins.

This week we have the ROCCO IOO judges day. On Thursday 10th March, our judges: Dr. Moira Scerri, Wangeci Kanjama, Dimple Kaul and Stéphanie Fleury will evaluate, discuss and scrutinise the votes to shed light on the feedback the nominees have received in the voting phase. The aim is to establish a ranking of the most influential people in our industry.

On April 4th, the 100 most influential people will be published in alphabetical order. The ROCCO IOO 2022 ranking will be revealed on May 17th during Genesis, where the top 25 will be awarded at our Visionaries Gala.

Join us at Genesis and come to the Visionaries Gala on the 17th of May at Málaga, Spain!

Find out more about ROCCO IOO here.