ROCCO IOO Stories 2024 - Mila Budylo

ROCCO IOO stories – Mila Budylo presenting Let My Message Surf the World

On May 20th-21st 2024, as part of our Genesis event, ROCCO will host the ROCCO IOO Stories: speeches from various visionaries of the ROCCO IOO top 25. They will tell us details of their lives that have made them stand out in the industry.

Mila Budylo, CCO at BSG will present Let My Message Surf the World at the ROCCO IOO Stories.

Mila Budylo
Mila has 17 years of experience in A2P SMS and other communication services used by businesses to enhance client interaction. She began her telecom career at a Ukrainian content provider, serving major local operators like Kyivstar and UMC (now Vodafone). Later, she managed a local Premium SMS company in Kyiv.

For the past 6 years as a Chief Commercial Officer at BSG (a Messaging Provider and IT Development company), Mila has overseen all sales, carrier relations, and customer support processes. Under her leadership, the company has achieved remarkable results:

  •      A tenfold increase in revenue,
  •      A sevenfold rise in transactions,
  •      Expansion of the commercial team from 18 to 40 individuals across 12 countries,
  •      Successful launch of the company’s retail business.

Come to Genesis to see her presentation live!