ROCCO IOO Stories 2024 - Mariam Shaer

ROCCO IOO stories – Mariam Shaer presenting Empowered to Lead: A Journey of Challenges, Balance, and Breaking Barriers

On May 20th-21st 2024, as part of our Genesis event, ROCCO will host the ROCCO IOO Stories: speeches from various visionaries of the ROCCO IOO top 25. They will tell us details of their lives that have made them stand out in the industry.

Mariam Shaer, Group CEO at SAMA Telecom will present Empowered to Lead: A Journey of Challenges, Balance, and Breaking Barriers at the ROCCO IOO Stories.

Mariam Shaer

Mariam Shaer is the Group CEO at SAMA Telecom with over 16 years of progressive experience in helping the telecom industry with its communications requirements, including Voice and SMS solutions. Specializing in technology, customer operations, product development, and business development, Mariam utilizes her experience to contribute the best to the telecom industry.

She is determined to bring the best customer experience for clients associated with SAMA Telecom and truly believes in growing together with our professional clients. In her previous role, she was able to solve several complex network challenges faced by mobile operators, helping them monetize their assets. She has also developed the best commercial models, enabling SAMA Telecom and its clients to make more while staying risk-free.

Mariam has been recognized with an excellence award as the ‘Leading Female Telco Professional’ in the Antonio Meucci Awards 2023.

Come to Genesis to see her presentation live!