Announcing the Third Lion of the Lions Den 2023, Mohamed Fawzy from STC Kuwait

Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep…

As part of The Innovators 2023, ROCCO introduces within the Genesis event an innovation showcase session where companies can present ideas /products or solutions. An important part of this is the Lion’s Den.

Lion’s Den

A Vendor/MNO pitches an innovative idea / product / solution which could help the Roaming, Messaging, Interconnect and Fraud & Security industry to generate revenues or save costs, become more efficient or offer more quality solutions to end subscribers. They will present to a panel of Lions who give live feedback to them in-front of the Genesis audience.

Mohamed Fawzy

The third lion Mohamed Fawzy, Director – Roaming and Interconnection Wholesale at STC Kuwait. Mohamed has established a reputation as a transformational leader driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence. He has proven success implementing sales growth strategies & meeting market requirements. Mohamed is skilled at leading top-performing cross-functional teams to enhance operational efficiency while achieving organisational objectives. He has a solid history of formulating innovative ideas to ensure attainment of KPIs and continued progress.

Some of Mohamed’s achievements are:

  1. Leading the Kuwaiti market in terms of the 4G & 5G roaming coverage by more than 200+ operators with 4G & exclusive in Kuwait with 50 countries covered by 5G roaming.
  2. Awarded twice in 2020 & 2022 by ROCCO as one of the Top 100 most influential people in the wholesale & Roaming industry.
  3. Led the development of Kuwaiti market by creating roaming data unlimited packages & having a complete roaming portfolio covering all stc segments.

The characteristics that make Mohamed an exceptional lion are diverse. He is a versatile leader with visionary skills and high levels of adaptability and flexibility. One of his natural assets is the production of ideas. Mohamed considers himself a good team player, working under pressure, with good communication & negotiation skills and an attitude for influencing people without putting pressure on them. As a Lion, he is honest, transparent, result focused & ambitious, committed & a proactive person.

How Lion’s Den works

  • Companies/ Individuals pitch their idea to the Lions, showing with a maximum of 7 slides the full solution, its name, cost, use, time to market, etc
  • The Lions will listen with an open mind to each idea which is being pitched to them.
  • The Lions will ask direct questions, and debate among themselves the pros and cons of the idea and whether they like the idea.
  • They will give honest feedback/constructive criticism stating why they approve or disapprove of the business idea/solution and provide a final opinion.
  • Lions are intimidating, and not always nice, you don’t know how they will react, but they will ultimately provide good advice

The Lions (all people from MNOs) will rate their innovations: 25% of the overall score in The Innovators 2023 Report. Then the audience at Genesis will also have a chance to rate the idea: 25% of the overall score.

Find out more about The Innovators here.