By Jason Bryan CEO, ROCCO Research

As you maybe aware in October 2019 ROCCO started the ROCCO 100 initiative to identify the 100 most influential people in Roaming and Interconnect. The response to the research project has been tremendous, with over 1000 votes with detailed responses of why the nominated people have been voted have been provided by voters from all parts of the world. We are expecting many more votes in the coming weeks until the voting closes at the end of February 2020. Read more about ROCCO 100 here.

As documented in our methodology, ROCCO will be analysing the data based on three factors, 1) the number of votes, 2) the characteristics score and  3) the reasons why the nominated people are considered to be influential which have been provided by each voter. This 3rd part of the score which is very subjective, will be judged independently by a panel of judges we have invited to help us with this project.

Today we are very honoured and pleased to announce our third and last ROCCO 100 judge Charles Towers Clark, Chairman at Pod Group. Charles made an impressive presentation at ROCCO’s GSR event in January 2019 which all the delegates enjoyed. We’ve no doubt his insights will be most insightful to the review of justifications people have given to the ROCCO 100 votes.

With Vicky and Victor, Charles makes up the third and last ROCCO 100 judge.

Charles is Chairman of Pod Group, Forbes contributor, international speaker, and author of ‘The WEIRD CEO’. He is an expert and regular contributor to the national and international press (BBC, Daily Express, City A.M.) about the future of work and the effects of AI. His podcasts and talks are based on the change process he implemented as CEO of Pod Group to push individual initiative and responsibility (to prepare for A.I.) by changing the work environment – even letting employees choose their own salaries.

Some fantastic articles by Charles

University – Educated Employees are more confident about AI – Business Leaders Need to Bridge the Gap

“There is no doubt that AI will massively impact the workplace, with 56% of business leaders saying that employees will need to acquire new skills as AI usage grows.” – Charles Towers Clark – Forbes January 2020


Unleashing New Weapons In The War On Fake News

“As is generally the case with AI, its ability to perpetuate and support fake news is evenly matched with its ability to fight it.” – Charles Towers Clark – Forbes October 2019


How Smart Homes Became Automated Offices

“In an increasingly connected and competitive world, automating spaces may soon be the only option for companies wishing to keep up with a rapidly changing technological and economic landscape.” – Charles Towers Clark – Forbes June 2019