ROCCO Visionaries Gala

Since we started doing research in 2013 we have been recognising vendors across our community who Operators have voted as the industry leaders. You may have seen Tier One Vendors at industry meetings holding or sharing the news of their ROCCO awards.

2020 is no different except the way we will present the awards will be in a formal black tie gala on 20th May, as part of our Genesis event. “Visionaries” will bring together four types of attendees.

  • The Genesis event attendees
  • People nominated in the ROCCO 1OO
  • Leading vendors in “The Innovators” research and
  • ROCCO Research Tier One Vendors for A2P SMS Messaging, Steering of Roaming, Signalling Firewall, SMS Firewall, Sim Box Detection, International Revenue Share Fraud Prevention Solutions & Roaming QoS Testing.

We will be presenting over 40 awards in an evening event which includes dinner, drinks and entertainment. Each year “Visionaries” will have a theme and the theme for 2020 is “The Soaring 20’s”. Expect a 1920’s meets 2020’s vision in Andalucia’s capital of Spanish culture Seville, home of flamenco, the famous feria and fiesta.

The event will be hosted in Las Setas, one of the highest points of the city overlooking the skyline of Seville.

Delegates of Genesis will be receive shortly an invitation to attend the event. If you are a Tier One vendor, Innovator or ROCCO 100 nominee we will contact you shortly about the event.

We look forward to bringing together the people and companies across our telecoms sector who make a real difference, recognising them for their amazing work and celebrating with their their successes.