First ROCCO 100 Judge Announced

By Jason Bryan CEO, ROCCO Research

As you maybe aware in October 2019 ROCCO started the ROCCO 100 initiative to identify the 100 most influential people in Roaming and Interconnect. The response to the research project has been tremendous, with over 1000 votes with detailed responses of why the nominated people have been voted have been provided by voters from all parts of the world. We are expecting many more votes in the coming weeks until the voting closes at the end of February 2020. Read more about ROCCO 100 here.

As documented in our methodology, ROCCO will be analysing the data based on three factors, 1) the number of votes, 2) the characteristics score and  3) the reasons why the nominated people are considered to be influential which have been provided by each voter. This 3rd part of the score which is very subjective, will be judged independently by a panel of judges we have invited to help us with this project.

Today we are very honoured and pleased to announce our first ROCCO 100 judge Victor Pacheco, Activa Talento. Victor has personally helped me deal with the growth we have seen in ROCCO.Group in the last year as a leadership coach. His insights on what makes a great leader have been highly insightful to us as well as what actions are needed in the various stages of company growth. This is why I felt he was an obvious choice for ROCCO 100 and invited him to be our first ROCCO 100 Judge. Please see his bio below and feel free to check his LinkedIn profile here.

In January we will announce our second ROCCO 100 judge. All the judges come from different backgrounds but are all individuals who are focussed on recognising leadership. We will tell you more about them as the ROCCO 100 starts to unfold in 2020. Many thanks for your continued support in all ROCCO’s projects we are certainly proud to have such a great industry following. For now a few words from the bio of Victor.

Victor Pacheco, Congruence Leadership Coach

Helping leaders to increase their effectiveness, influence and life balance through congruence

Victor Pacheco is a Leadership Coach and founder of Activa Talento, a management consulting business in Spain.

For the last 9 years he’s been delivering leadership in-house trainings and executive coaching programmes with top leaders in the logistics and hotel industries.

Obsessed with achieving long lasting effectiveness, he developed an innovative leadership training methodology based on congruence. His model follows Gandhi’s quote:

“My life is my message”.

As an entrepreneur, Victor evolved himself from a stressed and unhappy professional to a successful consultant with a balanced life.

Prior to coaching, as an engineer, he carried out several managing positions in different countries.