Following the conclusion of the voting phase for ROCCO IOO 2024, the esteemed ROCCO IOO Jury convened for the Jury Day!

Last week saw the gathering of our distinguished panel, including Charlotte SchoenmakersInés Martínez Corts and Charles Towers-Clark, who diligently evaluated, deliberated, and analyzed the votes. Their efforts aimed to provide insightful feedback to the nominees based on the received votes.

Mark your calendars for March 14th, when the ROCCO IOO 2024 Report will be unveiled, featuring the top 25 nominees listed alphabetically. Then, on May 21st, during Genesis, join us for the grand reveal of the final rankings of the ROCCO IOO 2024 top 25 at our Visionaries Gala in Seville, Spain.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this exciting event! Join us at Genesis and attend the Visionaries Gala on May 21st. Learn more about ROCCO IOO by visiting our website.

Find out more about ROCCO IOO here.