Announcing the Genesis Visionaries Gala 2024 Theme

Can you hear that flamenco music beat? Our industry is getting ready for a glamorous night of celebrations at the ROCCO Visionaries Gala, and this year’s theme is taking us to the sophisticated, passionate city of Seville! We’re thrilled to announce the grand reveal of the Visionaries Gala theme brought to you by ROCCO as part of the Genesis Event!

After two years of success, our Visionaries Gala continues to shine! With the excitement generated by our 2022 gala, evoking the roaring 20s, and the 2023 edition capturing Lisbon’s spirit in a classic Black and White Cinema Stars style, the ROCCO team is excited to announce the theme of this year’s Genesis Visionaries Gala:

With a dress code in red and black attire with some flamenco accessories —flowers, fans, and polka dots—the theme could not be other than “Flamenco Passion”, celebrating the majestic city of Seville.

The official Visionaries Gala from ROCCO will be a dinner where we will present more than 40 awards to The Innovators 2024, the winners of The Genesis Hackathons, Tier 1 Vendors from our Vendor Benchmarking Reports and the 25 first people from ROCCO IOO

This year, the Visionaries Gala will be full of surprises. We can’t wait to see how you’ll bring this theme to life and make it a night to remember.

Get a glimpse of the excitement that awaits here and mark your calendars for the Visionaries Gala on the 21st of May as part of our Genesis event (20th-21st May, Seville, Spain).

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Feedback from previous Visionaries Gala editions

No words to explain how great the individuals felt. Speaking to many of them it was just fantastic that the people at the ground level are being recognised. Can’t quite recall if Jason/Dhiraj mentioned this but the individuals were all proud. So Thank You ROCCO TEAM !!! for affording us this “15 min of fame”.

Congratulations on a great event! Thank you for your huge effort and dedication.

Great team, very well organised