The Visionaries Gala

May 17th 2022, Málaga

ROCCO’s awards ceremony to recognise the ROCCO IOO, Vendor Innovators and Tier One Vendors.

ROCCO’s first official Visionaries Gala on the 17th of May and is a dinner where we will present over 30 awards to the Top 25 people in the ROCCO IOO, The Vendor Innovators and Tier One Vendors from across our Vendor Benchmarking reports. The theme of this years gala is “The Soaring 20’s”.

The Visionaries Gala is a limited capacity event. Due to the current situation and to have a better understanding of the capacity for the event, please complete the registration form to let us know if you would be able to join us.

Pre-register for the event

  • ROCCO IOO 2020 top 25 can already confirm their attendance by completing the below registration form.
  • ROCCO IOO 2022 nominees can pre-register for the Visionaries Gala by completing the below registration form. Please note that only those who result to be in the top 25 will receive an award.

The ROCCO IOO Top 25 benefits:

  • Participation in a professional photoshoot.
  • Allocated in VIP Area in the Visionaries Gala.
  • Opportunities to have a brief presentation as part of the GENESIS agenda.

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ROCCO IOO are also invited to attend GENESIS 2022 from the 16th to 18th of May.

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