AI Shockwave Panel Genesis 2024

Presenting the AI Shockwave Panel Session at Genesis 2024

On 20-21 May 2024, as part of our Genesis event, ROCCO will host the Shockwave Panel Sessions. The Shockwave Panel Sessions are a series of panels at Genesis 2024 where experts in the field will answer questions and give their points of view on the different topics: AI and RCS.

ROCCO is pleased to announce the stellar lineup for the AI Shockwave Panel

Eva Heinze Gildum

From her early days during the liberalization of the mobile market in the mid-90s at Telia, Denmark, to shaping the wholesale roaming business since 2002, Eva Gildum has been a transformation champion through innovation and collaboration.

After 6 years in a strategic sales role for a major Data and Financial Clearing House, in 2008, Eva joined NeuString, a company instrumental in addressing market needs and developing the first platform dedicated to optimizing the roaming business. With the acquisition of NeuString by Yaana in 2017, Eva played a key role in the transition, particularly in shaping the global corporate culture, ensuring employee retention, and managing customer relationships.

Since taking the helm of Yaana’s wholesale analytics business in 2018, Eva has been a driving force in the company’s growth as VP of Sales and Marketing. Now as Managing Director, her transformative leadership has propelled Yaana NeuString serving over 130 Mobile Network Operators globally.  Her collaboration passion has led to Yaana Community Events in 2023 allowing MNO wholesale teams to brainstorm, innovate, and invigorate the future of the roaming business.   Eva actively contributes to both product and market evolution, making her a dynamic and well-respected executive in the wholesale roaming business

Sarah Keller

Sarah Keller is Chief Global Enterprise Officer at GMS, the AI driven communications solutions partner for MNOs and Enterprises globally. Sarah is a telco expert with over 25 years of experience under her belt. After a successful career working with leading telcos in Switzerland, she joined GMS in 2015 to lead European sales. Since then, Sarah has played a pivotal role spearheading global expansion efforts for GMS. In her current role, Sarah bridges the gap between Enterprises and MNOs, bringing growth opportunities to both sides with her team of experts.

Jose Ayub Gonzalez Garrido

José González is an accomplished telecommunications engineer, holding a postgraduate degree with an MBA from Zurich, with over 16 years of experience in the aerospace and telecommunications industries.

He embarked on his career at Airbus Deutschland GmbH in Hamburg, where he worked in the Wireless Cabin Systems department, pioneering the certification of mobile phone usage in aircraft GSM and WIFI networks. His tenure also saw him collaborating with the Lufthansa Group, certifying entertainment systems, satellite communications, and air-to-ground direct communication.

José González is renowned for his expertise in developing products that meet stringent aviation standards and obtaining certifications for their use in aircraft. It was this expertise that prompted him, after a decade with leading international companies in the sector, to return to Spain in 2013 and establish his own venture, Galgus.

As the founder and CEO of Galgus, José spearheads the global strategy of a company that, within just a decade, has garnered a presence across all continents, secured 10 patents safeguarding its technology worldwide, and amassed over 2 million daily global users. Under his leadership, Galgus continues to innovate and revolutionize the telecommunications landscape, particularly in the realm of AI-driven solutions.

Julio Costas Santos

With a solid foundation in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Seville and an MBA from UBI Business School in Brussels, Julio Costas has crafted a dynamic career leading technological and commercial strategies across multiple industries. Currently, as the Commercial Director at, Julio leverages deep expertise in AI and 5G technologies to propel innovative solutions that address the intricate demands of today’s digital landscape.

Julio’s professional journey includes significant international exposure, having managed key projects and led business development initiatives in the UK, Belgium, and Spain, as well as in South America. His roles have ranged from Project Manager at Intel, where he led telecom product development, to Business Development and Project Manager at Telvent, focusing on environmental sensing systems.

At, Julio is instrumental in merging AI with 5G technologies to enhance industrial IoT applications, showcasing his commitment to not only advancing industry standards but also achieving impactful business results. His leadership is marked by a strategic vision to harness technological innovations, promoting partnerships and business growth across global markets.

A skilled communicator and seasoned presenter, Julio is well-prepared to represent at the upcoming conference, sharing insights on the convergence of AI and 5G technologies as critical to future business transformations and telecommunications advancements.

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