Mayte Martin RCS Shockwave Keynote Session

Mayte Martín presenting RCS Shockwave Keynote Session

On May 20th-21st 2024, as part of our Genesis event, ROCCO will host the RCS Shockwave Keynote Session. The Shockwave Sessions are a series of talks at Genesis 2024 produced by subject matter experts. They discuss new business opportunities. 

Mayte Martín, Head of RCS at Orange Spain will present the RCS Shockwave Keynote Session.

Mayte Martín is a seasoned professional in the telecommunications industry, currently serving as the Business Development Head of RCS at Orange Spain. With a career spanning over two decades, Mayte brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry.

Mayte Martín began her telecommunications career at Jazztel, where she held various roles over fifteen years, including Wholesale Financial Specialist. In 2016, she joined Orange España’s Digital Communications division, driving the company’s digital transformation leveraging her deep understanding of RCS, SMS, Big Data, IoT, Chat, Smart Flows, and AI Conversational technologies to enhance customer experiences and drive business growth.

Since assuming the role of Head of RCS in January 2021, Mayte has been at the forefront of Orange Spain’s efforts to revolutionize communication experiences for its customers. Her leadership and vision have been pivotal in establishing Orange as a leader in next-generation communication technologies.

Throughout her career, Mayte has demonstrated a passion for innovation and a relentless drive for excellence. Her strategic mindset, combined with her hands-on experience across various facets of telecommunications, makes her a formidable force in the industry.

Come to Genesis to see her presentation live!