LANCK Telecom - Genesis Hackathon 2024 Messaging Shortlist

LANCK Telecom is shortlisted for the Genesis Hackathons 2024

Igor Skutsenya and Alice Schmerling will present the solution from LANCK Telecom for the Messaging Challenge at the Genesis Hackathon 2024, Seville 20th-21st May

ROCCO is delighted to announce that LANCK Telecom has been shortlisted for the Messaging Challenge at the Genesis Hackathon 2024. Igor Skutsenya, Senior Business Development Manager and Alice Schmerling, Chief Marketing Officer at LANCK Telecom will present their solution at Genesis in Seville on May 20th-21st, 2024. The LANCK Telecom team “FraudBusters” will unveil their innovative solution named the “AI-based SMS FMS: Enabling Precision, Ensuring Protection” designed to address the Messaging  Challenge: How to deal with large amounts of messaging fraud reported data.

The Genesis Hackathon 2024

After a meticulous evaluation by BT, the stakeholder raising the Messaging challenge for the Genesis Hackahton 2024, LANCK Telecom has emerged as one of the shortlisted teams. We are excited to see them showcase their groundbreaking innovations in front of a distinguished panel of judges at the Genesis event.

Celebrating Innovation at Genesis

Genesis promises to be a gathering of visionary minds and industry leaders, providing a platform for LANCK Telecom and other shortlisted teams to demonstrate their creativity and originality in addressing key industry challenges.

The Genesis Event in Seville on May 20th-21st, 2024, and the Visionaries Gala on May 21st will be a celebration of innovation and excellence in our industry. 

Get your pass and join us as we celebrate innovation and collaboration at Genesis Hackathon 2024!


How Lion’s Den works

  • Companies/ Individuals pitch their idea to the Lions, showing with a maximum of 7 slides the full solution, its name, cost, use, time to market, etc
  • The Lions will listen with an open mind to each idea which is being pitched to them.
  • The Lions will ask direct questions, and debate among themselves the pros and cons of the idea and whether they like the idea.
  • They will give honest feedback/constructive criticism stating why they approve or disapprove of the business idea/solution and provide a final opinion.
  • Lions are intimidating, and not always nice, you don’t know how they will react, but they will ultimately provide good advice

The Lions (all people from MNOs) will rate their innovations, and the audience at Genesis will also have a chance to rate the idea.

Find out more about The Genesis Hackathon here.