Ihab Al-Shayeb presenting Is AI in Fraud Management Really Real?

On May 24th-25th 2023, as part of our Genesis event, ROCCO will host the TelcoBoost Talks. The TelcoBoost Talks are a series of 8 talks at Genesis 2023 produced by subject matter experts. They discuss the advantages and opportunities for MNOs in 2023.

Ihab Al-Shayeb, VP of Technology at LATRO will present Is AI in Fraud Management Really Real? at the TelcoBoost Talks.

Ihab Al-Shayeb is the VP of Technology at LATRO with over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry. Throughout his career, Ihab held key positions in MNOs, MVNOs and solution providers. This unique journey provided him with a deep understanding of the telecommunication field. His career started at the core network, then moved into BSS domain, and then into Revenue Assurance and Fraud management. Therefore, Ihab can provide a holistic view of the challenges and solutions. His insights and guidance are always appreciated by LATRO’s customers and the team. Ihab’s impressive background and deep understanding of the industry make him a sought-after speaker for telecom events. He is passionate about sharing his insights on the latest advancements and trends in the industry and has delivered keynote speeches and participated in panel discussions at various telecom conferences.

As a speaker, Ihab is known for his engaging and informative presentations. He has a talent for breaking down complex technical concepts into easy-to-understand language, making his talks accessible to a wide range of audiences. 

Come to Genesis to see his presentation live!