Dhiraj Wazir presenting the Future of Connectivity

On the first day of Genesis 2022, ROCCO will host its Road to 2030 Symposium. Strategy discussions preparing you for the perilous challenges and hot opportunities we face on our journey to 2030.

ROCCO is happy to announce that Dhiraj Wazir, CEO of ROCCO Strategy will be presenting the Future of Connectivity session.

The connectivity space has never been so dynamic, new generations of cellular connectivity like 5G SA, and 6G are being developed in parallel with new generations of WiFi, Satellite connectivity, Millimeter Wave, TeraHertz spectrum, AI etc which means connectivity in 2030s is going to be a different world. In this session, Dhiraj not only provides a glimpse into the future but also paints a picture of what this actually means and separates hype from actually what we really know.

Join us at the Road to 2030 Symposium on 16 May in Malaga and enjoy this session!