The Lion’s Den Pride

Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep…

As part of the Vendor Innovators 2022, ROCCO will introduce with the Genesis event new innovation showcase sessions where companies can present ideas /products or solutions. An important part of this is the Lion’s Den.

Lion’s Den

A Vendor pitches an innovative idea / product / solution which could help the Roaming, Messaging and Interconnect industry to generate revenues or save costs, become more efficient or offer more quality solutions to end subscribers. They will present to a panel of 6 Lions who give live feedback to them in-front of the Genesis audience. This year Infobip, Monty Mobile, Mobileum, iBASIS, RoamSmart, Kaleyra & SecurityGen will be presenting their solutions at the Lion’s Den.

Find out the Lions’ character traits:

Johannes Opitz PhD

As a Lion, Johannes has many of the character traits needed for a king of the beasts. Decisive, and resilient, he makes things happen, even when the way ahead is far from smooth. He is brave and knows when to take the leap of faith or calculated risk that separates the good from the great. Always hungry for new ideas, he finds creative ways of problem-solving.

Atim Akeh-Osu

As a Lion, Atim is a relentless and fearless go-getter who wears her mane well. She is brave, recognizes opportunities and is never afraid to confront challenges. Forthright, persistent, and brutally honest, she speaks out for herself and others. She often explores new territories and stays the course undeterred.

Obaid Rahman

Many of a lion’s traits are embodied perfectly within Obaid. He consistently demonstrates remarkable tenacity in hunting down extraordinary goals and objectives, and never wavers from having to make tough decisions. A bold leader in his own right, Obaid is unfailing in commanding the team’s advances with tactical efficiency, and possesses an uncanny ability to quickly perceive problems and transform them into opportunities.

Stéphanie Fleury

As a Lion, Stéphanie is interested in digital services. Regarding products, she is interested in digitally native vertical brands (DNVB)s. Often unwilling to commit to a solution, she’s looking for a strong understanding of the customer journey.

Luc Lamoureux

As a Lion, Luc fearlessly takes on the challenge of evolving with new technologies and innovative products. When it comes to the bridging of the technical and commercial aspects of roaming, he has an opinion and is not afraid to have his roar be heard! Expanding the realm of roaming is his goal and no distant land, water or space is too far.

Cameron Dunn

Cameron’s traits that he brings to the Lion’s chair include a focus on being tactical and efficient. The best ideas have very little worth if they cannot be realized – every strategy must have a well-thought out plan on execution. Cameron’s work on realization of ideas has been core to his success – the ‘how’ as much as the ‘what’ – and will be a key focus while evaluating what comes before the Lion’s Den.

Join us at the Lion’s Den on 17 May in Malaga and enjoy the Lion’s Den!

How Lion’s Den works

  • Companies/ Individuals pitch their idea to the Lions, showing with a maximum of 5 slides the full solution, its name, cost, uses, time to market, etc
  • The Lions will listen with an open mind to each idea which is being pitched to them.
  • The Lions will ask direct questions, debate among themselves the pros and cons of the idea and whether they like the idea.
  • They will give honest feedback/constructive criticism stating why they approve or disapprove of the business idea/solution and provide a final opinion.
  • Lions are intimidating, not always nice, you don’t know how they will react, but they will ultimately provide good advice

The Lions (all people from MNOs) will rate their innovations: 25% of the overall score in the Vendor Innovators 2022 Report. Then the audience at Genesis will also have a change to rate the idea: 25% of the overall score.

Find out more about the Vendor Innovators here.