Bechara Kaddoum presenting From Telco To Techco: Telecoms Cybersecurity in 2030

On the first day of Genesis 2022, ROCCO will host its Road to 2030 Symposium. Strategy discussions preparing you for the perilous challenges and hot opportunities we face on our journey to 2030.

ROCCO is happy to announce that Bechara Kaddoum, Head of Cybersecurity Services – EMEA & APAC at Telefonica Global Solutions will be presenting From Telco to Techco: Telecoms Cybersecurity in 2030 session. He will gather insights about how Telecoms Cybersecurity will evolve during the following years.

Bechara is a cybersecurity professional leading the Telco cybersecurity business of Telefonica Global Solutions for EMEA & APAC, focusing on establishing an ecosystem of partnerships. Prior to Telefonica, Bechara was the founder of BTK Lebanon, a Lebanese-based IT company that he sold in 2018.

Welcome on board Bechara!

Join us at the Road to 2030 Symposium on 16 May in Malaga and enjoy this session!