Our Second Lion is Announced

Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep…

As announced last month, ROCCO will introduce with the Genesis event, new innovation showcase sessions where companies can present ideas /products or solutions. An important part of this is the Lion’s Den.

To be take part email us at genesis@rocco.group to get the guide. 

Lion’s Den

Any Company (Operator, Vendor or Entrepreneur) or individual, pitches an innovative idea / product /solution which could help the Roaming and Interconnect industry to generate revenues or save costs, become more efficient or offer more quality solutions to end subscribers. They will present to a panel of 5 Lions (all from Mobile Operators) who give feedback to them live in-front of the Genesis audience. Any company can contact ROCCO Genesis team at genesis@rocco.group to submit an idea.

Mr Stephen Breen

It’s with great pleasure that we would like to introduce our second lion. Mr Stephen Breen, Director – Roaming Marketing & Strategy Verizon Consumer Group. At Verizon, he is responsible for defining Verizon’s end-to-end roaming and long distance product strategy. Prior to joining the Verizon Consumer Group; Stephen was Head of APAC for Telenor Global Wholesale, based in Singapore.  He was also Head of Roaming Product Management for BICS, based in Brussels. Stephen holds a Masters in Strategic Management from the Dublin Institute of Technology, and a Degree in Business Management from Dublin Business School, and he was selected for the Telenor Strategy Execution Programme at INSEAD.

As a Lion, Stephen has the breadth of industry knowledge to know immediately if an idea will work. He’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  He’s enjoyed business successes and business challenges – always learning from both.  His global experience means he will provide rounded feedback and insights, and he will not be scared to share his innermost thoughts!

Stephen will join Dr Joannes Opitz from Deutsche Telecom as our second Lion.

How Lion’s Den works

  • Companies/ Individuals pitch their idea to the Lions, showing with a maximum of 5 slides the full solution, its name, cost, uses, time to market etc
  • The Lions will listen with an open mind to each idea which is being pitched to them
  • The Lions will ask direct questions, debate among themselves the pros and cons of the idea and whether they like the idea
  • They will give honest feedback/constructive criticism stating why they approve or disapprove of the business idea/solution and provide a final opinion
  • Lions are intimidating, not always nice, you don’t know how they will react but they will ultimately provide good advice

If you wanted to pitch in front of the Lions, contact us at genesis@rocco.group to learn how to submit your idea to Genesis Lion’s Den.